February 25, 2006

Passing of Anthony Burger

I was pretty surprised to hear of the passing of Gospel Music legend Anthony Burger at the age of 44. He was playing on a Gaither Homecoming cruise and apparently died in mid-song.

More info at:

Mark Lowry's website : see especially an email from Tori Taff (Russ Taff's wife)


Gaither.com News

February 20, 2006

Taking A Stand

This letter regarding the Danish/Muslim cartoons was published in the Salisbury post today.

Taking a Stand

February 15, 2006

Addictive Game

I haven't been inspired the past several days so I'm going to just share a couple of lame things...

First, An addictive game...

Second, the Vice President Cheny Hunting game.

Danish Cartoons

For a while I was having trouble finding the Danish Cartoons of Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammad, Muhammed that have inflamed the Muslim world. You can see them at Michelle Malkin's blog.

February 2, 2006

From Crack Addict to Pastor

Karen Sills A customer who came into our U-Haul dealership today mentioned that she had just published a book. "From Crack Addict to Pastor" is the title and from the excerpt she left with me, it sounds like quite a dramatic story.

After we chatted for a few minutes, I recalled reading a story in the Salisbury Post about her. I have an aquaintenance who testifies that he has broken every one of the ten commandments. This lady seems to have committed pretty much everything but murder and been restored.

February 1, 2006

Dollar Dance

We attended the wedding of Janelle Beaver and Chad Safrit, Saturday January 21. This is the happy couple...

This is me with the bride, engaged in a strange native ritual know as the "Dollar Dance." Also known as, "Two Wesleyans Stepping On Each Others' Feet." (the photographer didn't catch Tammy dancing with the groom but she did.)

Here is Gabrielle clutching her dollar. Since the wedding (and the wedding of Janelle's sister in December, Gabrielle has been all about getting married.

Here is Chandler with his Grammy at the wedding