May 31, 2008

Square Foot Garden

I'd been thinking about the Square Foot garden for about a year, so when the kids asked Grammy to help them plant a garden during her visit from Texas, I thought this would be perfect. (I was also inspired by Aimee's efforts.)

The bricks are just here for spacing. I may put pavers or mulch in the aisles.

Cameron had been inside getting dried off from a playtime in the sprinkler and when he saw digging in the dirt happening out the window, he grabbed his boots and rant out to help.

A display of Gabrielle's work from her Kindergarten graduation reception.

The death of "P"

I was unaware that "P" died but apparently so as I found this marker a church graveyard in Cleveland, NC.

May 30, 2008

This boy got sleepy during his snack apparently...

May 29, 2008

Wrong Number

The phone rang one day and a voice on the other end of the phone said, "Honey, it's Mom. I called because I know you're busy with the kids, and I want to give you some help. I'm going to stop by to clean the house, take care of the baby, and prepare dinner for when the boys get home from school."

"I want you to get ready to go to my beautician, I've paid her already, and she's going to give you `the works,' your appointment is at 1:00pm. Give George a call at the office and tell him you'll meet him at Olive Garden for dinner, it's on me...."

At that point the young mother interrupted and said, "George, who is George?"

"Your husband."

She said, " My husband's name is Fred."

"Oh. Is this 365-3212?"

"No, this is 365-3213"

The caller said, "Oh, I'm so sorry. I've got the wrong number."

After a pause, the young mother said, "Does this mean that you're not coming over?"

- Author unknown

Happy Birthday Gabrilicious!

The black helicopter people must have noticed that I posted that Hillary video.

This is a huge tree that has grown up through the 2nd story deck at my dad's house for years. I finally twisted off and punctured his roof in a few places.

This car was filled to the side window with fast food bags and wrappers.

Young Hillary Clinton

May 28, 2008

It has been such a blessing for Tammy and I to be able to see Mrs. Addison and visit with her twice over the past year year. She is a true hero of the Faith to us.

May 25, 2008

Lamar and family were at church with us this morning following the wedding of his niece. I was glad to see that he married above himself. :-) When I think of all the trouble Lamar got us into when we were roommates at HSBC in `89-`90..... I could write a book that might explain any gray hair Dan Irvine might have.

May 24, 2008

Rodney and Mrs. Addison

The reception was held at the historic Salisbury depot. (If you saw the reportedly underwhelming movie Leatherheads, some scenes were shot here.) In addition to the good crowd from our church, Trinity Wesleyan, the occasion seemed much like an Addison-Miller reunion.

These are the parents of the Bride recessing as well. Pastor Randy and First Lady Kathy Addison. It was really funny, after the attendants recessed off the platform (arm in arm,) Pastor Randy (who officiated with the Groom's pastor) linked arms with the other pastor for several steps and drew quite a laugh.

Tammy and I really enjoyed the Kristen Addison-Eric Olsen wedding this evening. We both agreed that it was probably the most beautiful and sacred wedding we had attended. The service culminated with the bride's grandmother, Mrs. Marilyn Addison praying a prayer of blessing over the couple. Rock'in Ron Scruggs and Christine Brush sang a duet and Lamar Broadhead, uncle of the bride and my former HSBC roommate sang a solo.

Lamar, for those who knew him hardly looked 5 minutes older and sounded just the same as on that AYC quartet tour we did in the summer of `87. Tim Mateer, also of the AYC tour, remarked last night that the tour that year was such an effective and successful thing that they haven't tried it since. :-)

May 18, 2008

Religious Art

Gabrielle explains her work of art...

Abeku to Zapotec.

There is a great book Tammy is using with the children to teach them about the Bible-less peoples of the world. They have been learning about this, praying for the peoples and giving to Wycliffe. (This would be a great resource for home or church.)

During prayer time the kids have been naming the peoples in alphabet order as they have learned them and Gabrielle especially likes to mention their continent as well... Pardon the lighting in this video.

May 14, 2008

Why the human race needs an administration of another kind.

Read this article:

We ought to be engaged in the political process. We ought to vote, be educated, be involved. We should do it in a way that is civil and respectful and redemptive. (I saw a cartoon recently where a guy showed up at the pearly gates to hear St. Peter say: “You were a believer, yes. But you skipped the not-being-a-jerk-about-it part.”) But we should also remember that the church is not called to be one more political interest group.

The human race needs an administration of another kind. There is one possibility. Someone needs to be in a position to say: “The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe the Good News.”

John Ortberg on Religion AND Politics

May 7, 2008

May 6, 2008

More Thumper

Additional Thumper


Update on Martha-Marie Smith

Surgury is over...

This photo was taken in the Country Club parking lot. You can imagine that the "Country Club" Republicans love this guy.

May 1, 2008