October 22, 2006

The best kind of old friend

I'd say that the best kind of old friend is one you can see again after 12 years and just feel like you picked up where you left off with no awkward pauses.

Me with Randy Huff.
Randy and I share "history" as he was Dean of Men at Hobe Sound Bible College in my last year in the dorm when I was an Assistant Dean. Randy is now on staff at Kentucky Mountain Bible College and though Randy has the distinction of being the smartest person in eastern Kentucky, he is apparently not who legendary UK coach Adolph Rupp was referring to when he famously "lifted his eyes unto the hills...."

October 18, 2006


Have you ever been sitting around at a family reunion or some other family gathering trying to decide if you are too closely related to someone to date them or just arguing whether someone is your "First Cousin Twice Removed" or your "Second Cousin Once Removed?"

If so, you need only to check out this handy, Table of Consanguinity.

View one you can actually read

October 3, 2006

"You know, It rhymes with..."

Apparently, we parents are now supposed to be referring to the various "private" body parts by their actual name in talking with our children, rather than all the nicknames used when we were young. This is working out well for us...

Today Chandler (6) was trying to remember the name of a favorite Beatrix Potter character, you know, the Puddleduck. He said, "you know Mommy, her first name rhymes with `Vagima'." (yes, that's with an "m".)