November 30, 2006

I love this book...

I happened across this devotional book, Through the Bible, Through the Year: Daily Reflections from Genesis to Revelation by John R.W. Stott, at the library in the new releases. After a couple of weeks I had to order my own copy. I have never faithfully used any devotional but am loving this one and can see myself using it year after year. One of the cool things about it is that it follows the Christian (liturgical) calendar. As Stott says,

My concern, however, is rather to offer a resource for daily private devotion. It should enable us, whether we belong to a so-called liturgical church or not, to recapitulate every year the whole biblical story from the creation in Genesis to the consummation in Revelation 22.

To recall, relive, and celebrate annually this divine story should lead us into a wholesome and balanced trinitarian faith, should increase our familiarity with the framework and content of the Bible, and should establish our confidence in the God of history who has been and still is working out his purpose before, during, and after the incarnate life of our Lord Jesus Christ until he come in power and glory.

If I had the money, I would buy a case of these and give one to everyone I know for Christmas. Too bad, you won't be getting one from me, but I highly recommend you get one for yourself. :-))

November 29, 2006

Hobe Sound Blogs

Kevin Survance, of Hobe Sound fame, has come up with a great idea for keeping up with all the various blogs of HSBC/A alumni out there.

Check out: Hobe Sound Blogs. This is a "feed aggregator that just pulls in the latest posts to create a "blog of blogs."

BTW, you can click on the author or title of a post to go directly to their post on their blog. You'll want to do that on the ones that appear blank because it mean a picture was posted that didn't show up in this feed.

I wish this was my idea. :-)

November 10, 2006

What did you just say?

I know our kids are pretty sheltered, so when I overheard a neighborhood girl say, "Holy Crap!" in front of Chandler, I knew that it was just a matter of time before he either repeated it to the Pastor in the church foyer or asked us about this strange new expression.

I forgot about it until Tammy called today to say that this girl Shannon, had been playing in the yard with Chandler and that later Chandler came in and asked, "Mom , what is Holy Craft?" Tammy, not have been prepped by me, said, "Chandler, where did you hear that?"

Chandler replied, "Shannon says it a lot. I asked her what it means and she said it was the same as `Holy Shh'. Mom, what does `Holy Shh' mean?"

Tammy went on to explain that we typically like to reserve the word "Holy" for talking about God and spiritual things and that he should never use this "Holy Craft" expression. We'll see.

November 1, 2006