September 29, 2006

My Cousin Jon Brown

This link is to the athletic dept. of my cousin Jon Brown of Texas Christian University. Jon is the son of my Uncle David.

September 3, 2006

The General from Our Team

Chandler is now offically enamoured of all things military. Today he showed me this picture he had re-found of Uncle David in Afganistan (posted previously.) The conversation went as follows...

Chandler: "Daddy, Look at this picture I found where Uncle David is with the General from his team."

Me: "Chandler, that's also the General for our team."

Chandler: "It is?!?!" (shocked both that we have a General and a "team.")

Me: "Yes, His name is General Schoomaker."

Chandler: "Does he make shoes?"

Uncle Dave in Afganistan with the General from our team.

September 1, 2006

New Currency

Did you hear the one about the brilliant counterfeiters who inadvertantly made up a big batch of $15 bills?

They figured out pretty quickly that they wouldn't be able to pass them anywhere around their city, then one of them had the bright idea to go out into the country and try to find some remote convenience store with a dull cashier. They found a place so remote that they figured that it had to be operated by a real country bumpkin so they went into the counter and asked the clerk if he could make change for a $15 bill.

He quickly looked up and replied, "I sure can! How would you like it? I can give you two $6's and a $3 or three $3's and a $6.

I know that is lame but when people are complaining about my lack of blogging, these are the depths I stoop to.

This story came to mind however, because of a new currency that has been invented at our house. Something Chandler (6) like to call the "five-job." As in, "I did two `five-jobs' for two dollars," or more accurately put, two "five-jobs" will buy two items from the "Dollar Store." Pictured below are the first two "five-jobs" that Chandler has earned.