February 28, 2008

Amy Balty

I don't think the feed to Amy Balty's blog is being fed through the Hobe Sound feed aggregator and I wanted to pass the link along.

Amy is dealing with a very scary health crisis right now (which has been detailed on her blog over the past few days starting with the Feb 23rd entry) and I know they need and appreciate the prayers of all their friends and others.


February 27, 2008

I love how nearly 8-year-old Chandler still has a tiny bit of little boy left.

February 25, 2008

Yea! I had a bill found!

Where's George dot com

GBS&C Accreditation

Apparently GBS&C just received full accreditation from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools as of February 14, 2008. (See here & here.) I suppose this would make them the only CHM school with secular accreditation.

I had always hoped that HSBC would pursue this and wonder if that is ever going to happen?

February 22, 2008

Pawpaw Walks to the Horses

A lot of our friends and family prayed for Tammy's dad (Tom Morgan) following his pretty bad car accident in November of 2007. He was in danger of losing his foot and initially his doctor told us that he could be off his feet for six months if they were able to save the foot at all. It was so neat to hear from his doctor just three months later that his foot should require no further surgery and that he can begin to bear weight on his foot.

One of his main passions in life is his horses and he has only been able to see them twice in three months when his brother Billy took him out back in a pick-up truck. He was pretty excited today to be able to walk out to the paddock under his own power and spend a little time with them.

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More Indiana Farm Fun

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Muncie Children's Museum

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February 21, 2008

February 19, 2008

February 18, 2008

Powerful thoughts

Turns out that the incongruence of his “Christian” friends had turned him off. Based on their double lives he had adopted the notion that all Christian’s are hypocrites.
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Fun on the Farm

We took Tammy's dad back to Methodist Hospital today for a checkup on his foot (which went well.) We showed him the playroom where the kids were entertained for 8 days while he was in the hospital.

With Papaw in the hospital playroom.

(We took him back today for a checkup.)

McDonalds in Jammies

February 14, 2008

I missed this on MLK Day...

I missed this on MLK day and wish I hadn't...

Click Here --> Don't Waste Martin Luther King Weekend

February 12, 2008

Spelling Bee

Rowan County Home Schooling Association Spelling Bee at our church.

Brother Barry

You must block out a few minutes to watch this...

February 9, 2008

Free to a good home...

The I'll send the following to whoever asks first if you are willing to reimburse media mail postage:

  • Holiness and the Human Element - Baldwin (paperback)
  • Beacons for Youth - Wilcox (paperback)
  • Be Ye Holy - Wilcox (paperback)
  • Exploring Our Christian Faith - ed. Purkiser (hardback)
  • Studies in Biblical Holiness - Metz (hardback)
These have been packed away since HSBC days (`94). Moderate to little underlining.

February 8, 2008

In Fairness

John McCain's CPAC Speech

ARLINGTON, VA -- U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today released the following remarks by John McCain as prepared for delivery:

Thank you. Thank you for inviting me. It's been a little while since I've had the honor of addressing you, and I appreciate very much your courtesy to me today. We should do this more often. I hope you will pardon my absence last year, and understand that I intended no personal insult to any of you. I was merely pre-occupied with the business of trying to escape the distinction of pre-season frontrunner for the Republican nomination, which, I'm sure some of you observed, I managed to do in fairly short order. But, now, I again have the privilege of that distinction, and this time I would prefer to hold on to it for a while.

I know I have a responsibility, if I am, as I hope to be, the Republican nominee for President, to unite the party and prepare for the great contest in November. And I am acutely aware that I cannot succeed in that endeavor, nor can our party prevail over the challenge we will face from either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama, without the support of dedicated conservatives, whose convictions, creativity and energy have been indispensible to the success our party has had over the last quarter century. Many of you have disagreed strongly with some positions I have taken in recent years. I understand that. I might not agree with it, but I respect it for the principled position it is. And it is my sincere hope that even if you believe I have occasionally erred in my reasoning as a fellow conservative, you will still allow that I have, in many ways important to all of us, maintained the record of a conservative. Further, I hope you will grant that I have defended many positions we share just as ardently as I have made my case for positions that have provoked your opposition. If not, thank you for this opportunity to make my case today.

I am proud to be a conservative, and I make that claim because I share with you that most basic of conservative principles: that liberty is a right conferred by our Creator, not by governments, and that the proper object of justice and the rule of law in our country is not to aggregate power to the state but to protect the liberty and property of its citizens. And like you, I understand, as Edmund Burke observed, that "whenever a separation is made between liberty and justice, neither . . . is safe."

While I have long worked to help grow a public majority of support for Republican candidates and principles, I have also always believed, like you, in the wisdom of Ronald Reagan, who warned in an address to this conference in 1975, that "a political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency or simply to swell its numbers."

I attended my first CPAC conference as the invited guest of Ronald Reagan, not long after I had returned from overseas, when I heard him deliver his "shining city upon a hill" speech. I was still a naval officer then, but his words inspired and helped form my own political views, just as Ronald Reagan's defense of America's cause in Vietnam and his evident concern for American prisoners of war in that conflict inspired and were a great comfort to those of us who, in my friend Jerry Denton's words, had the honor of serving "our country under difficult circumstances." I am proud, very proud, to have come to public office as a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution. And if a few of my positions have raised your concern that I have forgotten my political heritage, I want to assure you that I have not, and I am as proud of that association today as I was then. My record in public office taken as a whole is the record of a mainstr eam conservative. I believe today, as I believed twenty-five years ago, in small government; fiscal discipline; low taxes; a strong defense, judges who enforce, and not make, our laws; the social values that are the true source of our strength; and, generally, the steadfast defense of our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which I have defended my entire career as God-given to the born and unborn.

Those are my beliefs, and you need not examine only my past votes and speeches to assure yourselves that they are my genuine convictions. You can take added confidence from the positions I have defended during this campaign. I campaigned in Iowa in opposition to agriculture subsidies. I campaigned in New Hampshire against big government mandated health care and for a free market solution to the problem of unavailable and unaffordable health care. I campaigned in Michigan for the tax incentives and trade policies that will create new and better jobs in that economically troubled state. I campaigned in Florida against the national catastrophic insurance fund bill that passed the House of Representatives and defended my opposition to the prescription drug benefit bill that saddled Americans with yet another hugely expensive entitlement program. I have argued to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, to reduce the corporate tax rate and abolish the AMT. I have defended my position on protecting our Second Amendment rights, including my votes against waiting periods, bans on the so-called "assault weapons," and illegitimate lawsuits targeting gun manufacturers. I have proudly defended my twenty-four year pro-life record. Throughout this campaign, I have defended the President's brave decision to increase troop levels in Iraq to execute a long overdue counterinsurgency that has spared us the terrible calamity of losing that war. I held these positions because I believed they were in the best interests of my party and country."

Surely, I have held other positions that have not met with widespread agreement from conservatives. I won't pretend otherwise nor would you permit me to forget it. On the issue of illegal immigration, a position which provoked the outspoken opposition of many conservatives, I stood my ground aware that my position would imperil my campaign. I respect your opposition for I know that the vast majority of critics to the bill based their opposition in a principled defense of the rule of law. And while I and other Republican supporters of the bill were genuine in our intention to restore control of our borders, we failed, for various and understandable reasons, to convince Americans that we were. I accept that, and have pledged that it would be among my highest priorities to secure our borders first, and only after we achieved widespread consensus that our borders are secure, would we address other aspects of the problem in a wa y that defends the rule of law and does not encourage another wave of illegal immigration.

All I ask of any American, conservative, moderate, independent, or enlightened Democrat, is to judge my record as a whole, and accept that I am not in the habit of making promises to my country that I do not intend to keep. I hope I have proven that in my life even to my critics. Then vote for or against me based on that record, my qualifications for the office, and the direction where I plainly state I intend to lead our country. If I am so fortunate as to be the Republican nominee for President, I will offer Americans, in what will be a very challenging and spirited contest, a clearly conservative approach to governing. I will make my case to voters, no matter what state they reside in, in the same way. I will not obscure my positions from voters who I fear might not share them. I will stand on my convictions, my conservative convictions, and trust in the good sense of the voters, and in my confidence that conservative pr inciples still appeal to a majority of Americans, Republicans, Independents and Reagan Democrats.

Often elections in this country are fought within the margins of small differences. This one will not be. We are arguing about hugely consequential things. Whomever the Democrats nominate, they would govern this country in a way that will, in my opinion, take this country backward to the days when government felt empowered to take from us our freedom to decide for ourselves the course and quality of our lives; to substitute the muddled judgment of large and expanding federal bureaucracies for the common sense and values of the American people; to the timidity and wishful thinking of a time when we averted our eyes from terrible threats to our security that were so plainly gathering strength abroad. It is shameful and dangerous that Senate Democrats are blocking an extension of surveillance powers that enable our intelligence and law enforcement to defend our country against radical Islamic extremists. This election is going to be about big things, not small things. And I intend to fight as hard as I can to ensure that our principles prevail over theirs.

Senator Clinton and Senator Obama want to increase the size of the federal government.

I intend to reduce it. I will not sign a bill with earmarks in it, any earmarks in it. I will fight for the line item veto, and I will not permit any expansion whatsoever of the entitlement programs that are bankrupting us. On the contrary, I intend to reform those programs so that government is no longer in that habit of making promises to Americans it does not have the means to keep.

Senator Clinton and Senator Obama will raise your taxes.

I intend to cut them. I will start by making the Bush tax cuts permanent. I will cut corporate tax rates from 35 to 25% to keep industries and jobs in this country. I will end the Alternate Minimum Tax. And I won't let a Democratic Congress raise your taxes and choke the growth of our economy.

They will offer a big government solution to health care insurance coverage.

I intend to address the problem with free market solutions and with respect for the freedom of individuals to make important choices for themselves.

They will appoint to the federal bench judges who are intent on achieving political changes that the American people cannot be convinced to accept through the election of their representatives.

I intend to nominate judges who have proven themselves worthy of our trust that they take as their sole responsibility the enforcement of laws made by the people's elected representatives, judges of the character and quality of Justices Roberts and Alito, judges who can be relied upon to respect the values of the people whose rights, laws and property they are sworn to defend.

Senator Clinton and Senator Obama will withdraw our forces from Iraq based on an arbitrary timetable designed for the sake of political expediency, and which recklessly ignores the profound human calamity and dire threats to our security that would ensue.

I intend to win the war, and trust in the proven judgment of our commanders there and the courage and selflessness of the Americans they have the honor to command. I share the grief over the terrible losses we have suffered in its prosecution. There is no other candidate for this office who appreciates more than I do just how awful war is. But I know that the costs in lives and treasure we would incur should we fail in Iraq will be far greater than the heartbreaking losses we have suffered to date. And I will not allow that to happen.

They won't recognize and seriously address the threat posed by an Iran with nuclear ambitions to our ally, Israel, and the region.

I intend to make unmistakably clear to Iran we will not permit a government that espouses the destruction of the State of Israel as its fondest wish and pledges undying enmity to the United States to possess the weapons to advance their malevolent ambitions.

Senator Clinton and Senator Obama will concede to our critics that our own actions to defend against its threats are responsible for fomenting the terrible evil of radical Islamic extremism, and their resolve to combat it will be as flawed as their judgment.

I intend to defeat that threat by staying on offense and by marshaling every relevant agency of our government, and our allies, in the urgent necessity of defending the values, virtues and security of free people against those who despise all that is good about us.

These are but a few of the differences that will define this election. They are very significant differences, and I promise you, I intend to contest these issues on conservative grounds and fight as hard as I can to defend the principles and positions we share, and to keep this country safe, proud, prosperous and free.

We have had a few disagreements, and none of us will pretend that we won't continue to have a few. But even in disagreement, especially in disagreement, I will seek the counsel of my fellow conservatives. If I am convinced my judgment is in error, I will correct it. And if I stand by my position, even after benefit of your counsel, I hope you will not lose sight of the far more numerous occasions when we are in complete accord.

I began by assuring you that we share a conception of liberty that is the bedrock of our beliefs as conservatives. As you know, I was deprived of liberty for a time in my life, and while my love of liberty is no greater than yours, you can be confident that mine is the equal of any American's. It is a deep and unwavering love. My life experiences in service to our country inform my political judgments. They are at the core of my convictions. I am pro-life and an advocate for the Rights of Man everywhere in the world because of them, because I know that to be denied liberty is an offense to nature and nature's Creator. I will never waver in that conviction, I promise you. I know in this country our liberty will not be seized in a political revolution or by a totalitarian government. But, rather, as Burke warned, it can be "nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts." I am alert to that risk and will defend against it, and ta ke comfort from the knowledge that I will be encouraged in that defense by my fellow conservatives.

You have heard me say before that for all my reputation as a maverick, I have only found true happiness in serving a cause greater than my self-interest. For me, that cause has always been our country, and the ideals that have made us great. I have been her imperfect servant for many years, and I have made many mistakes. You can attest to that, but need not. For I know them well myself. But I love her deeply and I will never, never tire of the honor of serving her. I cannot do that without your counsel and support. And I am grateful, very grateful, that you have given me this opportunity to ask for it.

Thank you and God bless you.

February 6, 2008

Dobson's comments on McCain of Feb 5th, 2008

I heard this referenced on the Super Tuesday Coverage last night and just found it. Though I believe everything he says about McCain to be true and I dislike McCain the Politician about as much as I respect McCain the war hero, I'm not too thrilled at the prospect of this kind of potential division benefiting the Democratic Candidate.

"I'm deeply disappointed the Republican Party seems poised to select a nominee who did not support a Constitutional amendment to protect the institution of marriage, who voted for embryonic stem cell research to kill nascent human beings, who opposed tax cuts that ended the marriage penalty, and who has little regard for freedom of speech, who organized the Gang of 14 to preserve filibusters, and has a legendary temper and often uses foul and obscene language.

"I am convinced Sen. McCain is not a conservative, and in fact, has gone out of his way to stick his thumb in the eyes of those who are. He has at times sounded more like a member of the other party. McCain actually considered leaving the GOP in 2001, and approached John Kerry about being Kerry's running mate in 2004. McCain also said publicly that Hillary Clinton would make a good president. Given these and many other concerns, a spoonful of sugar does not make the medicine go down. I cannot, and I will not vote for Sen. John McCain, as a matter of conscience.

"But what a sad and melancholy decision this is for me and many other conservatives. Should John McCain capture the nomination as many assume, I believe this general election will offer the worst choices for president in my lifetime. I certainly can't vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama based on their virulently anti-family policy positions. If these are the nominees in November, I simply will not cast a ballot for president for the first time in my life. These decisions are my personal views and do not represent the organization with which I'm affiliated. They do reflect, however, my deeply held convictions about the institution of the family, about moral and spiritual beliefs, and about the welfare of our country."

February 4, 2008

About my KJ(B)V post...

I received a couple of comments about my "KJB only" post that caused me to think that maybe some think I'm creative enough to make this stuff up. Just to be clear, it came from here and appears to be for real.

Maybe Randy could try to schedule a KMBC singing group in there some time.

Frances L. Hammett

Do you Hobe Sounders remember Miss Hammett policing the school cafeteria???

Frances Louyine Hammett

Family-Placed Obituary

FRANCES LOUYINE HAMMETT Miss Hammett of Charlotte and Hobe Sound, Florida went to live with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ on January 29, 2008. Miss Hammett was born in Pell City, Alabama to the late Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hammett on February 22, 1921. Frances was a registered nurse graduating from Hillman Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama and extending her education at Indiana Wesleyan University and Vanderbilt University. During World War II she was a Red Cross Nurse assigned to a unit in Virginia. Frances was an educator and leader in the nursing field. She began as Director of Nursing at the University Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, moved to Anniston Memorial Hospital and then became Director of Nursing Services and Nursing Education at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia where she remained for 16 years. After moving to Florida she developed the nursing program at Indian River College in Fort Pierce, Florida. From early childhood Frances was a devout Christian and served the Lord in her work and in her daily life. She attended the Bible Methodist Church in Pell City, Alabama and later Hobe Sound Bible Church, Hobe Sound, Florida and Calvary Church, Charlotte. She was preceded in death by her parents, J. Warner and Emily Hammett, three brothers, Warner Glenn, Roger Lelton and Lewey Clayton. Survivors include two sisters, Dorothy Hammett Herron, Jean Warren Ford and husband, Hoyt; nieces, Rachel Frederick, Mobile, AL, Dr. Jane Box and husband Patrick, Charlotte, NC, Jeanne Biernes and husband Jerry, Florida, Barbara Mattox and husband, Dennis, Tennessee; nephews, Glenn Hammett, Jr., Texas, and William Warren and wife, Cindy, Virginia; many great-nieces and nephews, great-great-nieces and nephews as well as a host of friends. The family will receive visitors from 11 AM to 12 Noon at Kilgroe Funeral Home, 2219 2nd Ave., Pell City, Alabama. Funeral services will follow at Kilgroe Funeral Chapel, Pell City, Alabama at 12 Noon, Saturday, February 2, 2008. Interment will be in the family plot, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Pell City, Alabama. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made in Frances' name to the Hammett Memorial Scholarship, Hobe Sound Bible College, Box 1065, Hobe Sound, Florida, 33455. The family wishes to express their sincere appreciation to Sally and Mary as well as her other caregivers at Carmel Hills, to the staff of CMC Pineville, Hospice Charlotte Region and the visitors of Calvary Church. McEwen Pineville Chapel of Charlotte, NC is serving the family as well as Kilgroe Funeral Home in Pell City, Alabama.

February 3, 2008

We Are King James 1611 Bible Only!

I'm not sure what to say about this...

We are as "King James Only" as one can be...

We Are King James 1611 Bible Only!

  • We are KJB more than most folks can even imagine!
  • The old Cambridge text is all we will look for in our purchases- all other KJB's are being tinkered with more and more. We can't even trust 'church publishers' wtihout our scrutiny of their possible changes - along with tracts and booklets and books - no one can be trusted anymore.
  • We will not willingly listen, seek out or encourage any greek in our studies or sermons - or in or from the pulpit - NONE!
  • No Hebrew is necessary, either!
  • A concordance exists to help us find other verses, not any deeper meanings and proper useages.
  • English Language of the King James Bible is the language God put His words into for the 7th and last writing.
  • This KJ1611 Bible is alive with the Spirit of God and ALL the modern versions/perversions are alive with the spirit of the devil!
  • The King James 1611 Bible is essential for one's salvation.
  • The King James 1611 Bible is truly the sword of the Spirit and is essential for spiritual circumcision, without which Christ can not enter nor can we be made holy!
  • The King James 1611 Bible is the word of truth, the gospel of our salvation!
  • The King James 1611 Bible is the only inspired, inerrant, preserved word of God and IS the very words of God
  • Fellowship with Jesus Christ is from proper prayer and reading and / or hearing of the King James Bible!
  • Faith is essential for one to learn and grow from this Book.
  • It will be the lack of hearing the King James Bible that will be the base of the famine in Amos 8:11-13
  • When we read the phrase, "word of God," word of Jesus Christ, etc. those are referring to the King James 1611 Bible today.
  • Any reference to the word "Scriptures' is a reference to the King James 1611 Bible today.
  • If one wants any true doctrine, is willing to take reproof from God, is willing to be corrected and instructed in righteousness, the King James 1611 Bible must be the source!
  • The King James 1611 Bible is higher than any physical or mental experience that one sees or feels.
  • The King James 1611 Bible is to be magnified even above His name! Psalm 138:2
  • When you read from a King James 1611 Bible, you are hearing from God Himself!
  • John 1:1 is referring to the King James 1611 Bible today as well as Jesus Christ.
  • If you could take the King James 1611 Bible and turn it into a flesh and blood person, you would have Jesus Christ.
  • If you took the person of Jesus Christ and turn Him into words, you would have the King James 1611 Bible.
  • Blood was shed for this book to be in our hands today - as was the blood of Christ so we could be in His hands today!
  • I Thessalonians 2:12 is a reference to the King James 1611 Bible today and it will just what that verse promises - to effectually worketh also in you that believe!
  • The King James 1611 Bible IS the Love of God.

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