November 20, 2007

Urgent Prayer Request

We are in Indy at Tammy's dad's home. We were driving behind them (Tom and Mary Morgan) when they were involved in a horrific accident right in front of us.

I am posting this from the waiting room at Indy Memorial. Both Tom and Mary were airlifted here. Tom is in Surgury and Mary is awaiting her turn with the same surgeon. Tammy's uncle Mike is with us and Gene Hood and Mike's pastor have been as well.

At the present it appears that neither of their injuries are life-threatening though Tom especially is looking at "many surguries" and months of rehab for a "pulverized ankle" and broken hip.

We had come across 28 from Muncie to Alexandria (past Woodland Family Camp) to see the Gaither studios etc. We were following Tammy's dad in our car and the accident unfolded right in front of us. Debris from the back of Tom's truck totally dusted our car.

You can see photos, etc here... Tammy's dad was driving the white truck.

Thanks for your prayers.
Wm Brown II


maryellenhuff said...

We will be praying for all of you!