November 13, 2007

With Friends like this...

Some of my blog reading friends, who are also blog reading friends of my blog reading friend Mary Ellen Olsen Huff are probably wondering what I could have done to deserve the abuse she has heaped upon me on her blog recently. (Not everyone would have the confidence to provide this link)

To hold up to ridicule my choices of glasses, socks and other apparel from early high school seems like a really low blow.

Nevertheless, I admire the restraint that I have exercised to this point but I was wondering if anyone out there was at all curious what I might have done to provoke her.


JenLo said...

Of course everybody wants to know ;)

Anonymous said...

Enquiring minds want to know

maryellenhuff said...

Ah William - you held out restraint for about what....two whole days!?!?!?! "-)

You've been a great sport - I wouldn't have had the nerve to do it had I not previously posted such horrible pictures of myself from days of old!

Even though you know you deserve it for so much brattiness down through the years - you also know that I still love ya too!!!!

So when are you going to bring that fam of yours down here for a visit!??!?! It's been a long time since you visited our fair land and you could even stay with US!