November 25, 2007

Tammy's Dad

We continue to be camped at the Methodist Tower Inn attached to Methodist Hospital in Indy where Tammy's Dad and step-mother are.

Her dad has had some tough days but seems to be improving. I wasn't in the room when the doctor gave them an update but it seems they are cautiously optimistic about their progress in saving his foot. Tammy's brother and stepsister will go to Muncie today to check out a couple of rehab facilities that they might transfer to later this week (while Tammy stays with her dad.)

This link is to the obituary for the other gentlemen who was involved in the accident. It kind of personalizes his death to learn that he was an ordained minister who had served in the Wesleyan Church as a minister of music.


Meowzers said...

Wow, that is so sad about the guy who was the other driver. I am so glad that Tammy's dad/step-mom are coming along. Hope you guys are hanging in there.

jenny said...

I am so sorry! This has got to be so hard on Tammy...I can't imagine seeing the entire thing happen. Praying for you all tonight...