November 24, 2007

"People who looked like Pilgrims."

There have been a lot of Amish folk in the hospital visiting the victims of the accident from the story below. I wondered if Gabrielle was noticing until she asked me about the "people who looked like Pilgrims." She spent quite a long time talking to these children including following the girls around holding their bonnet strings like reins. I would just love to hear what she was saying (or more likely what pronouncements she was making) with her hands on her hips and her belly pooched out.)

Tammy and I have each seperately met the Dad of the Lengacher family mentioned in the article below. He is a very friendly guy (probably younger than us) who has his wife and two youngest children (of his 5) in very critical condition.

Indianapolis - Five people were killed Sunday afternoon when the van they were
riding in flipped on Interstate 69. The van was carrying families from Amish
communities in New Haven and Rockville.

State police say at one point last night they had seven helicopters lined
up in the northbound lane of I-69 to transport the victims. Some were taken to
Indianapolis hospitals, others to Fort Wayne. Five were pronounced dead at the

State police say around 4:45 pm Sunday afternoon, a 15-passenger van was
headed southbound on I-69 when it left the roadway, crossed the median and
flipped several times before it landed on its side in the opposite lanes of
traffic. The roof of the vehicle was shorn away.The impact threw four people out
of the van - an adult and three children, killing them. Another adult, the
father who was driving, was also killed. He was trapped inside the vehicle.

The victims were from Amish communities in Indiana, police said. Troopers
believed that the van may have been taking people home after a church function.
Amish people generally shun modern conveniences and sometimes enlist non-Amish
as drivers. But police say Melvin Fisher was driving the van.

Three crash victims are still in critical condition at Methodist Hospital, including Ida Lengacher, 32, of New Haven, her daughter Julia, 3, and son John, 1. Leon Fisher is also in critical condition. Matthew Lengacher, 9, Mary Beth Lengacher, 7 and Nathan Lengacher, 5 are in fair condition.