December 30, 2005

Back to Normal

Well, things are staring to get back to normal. The kids (Gabrielle & Cameron) are getting over their Christmas virus, decorations are about ready to come down and Tammy is planning for Chandler's school to pickup again next week. In the midst of this planning, Chandler asked me to type up this list of "units" that he plans to "teach" Aunt Bunni tomorrow...

Chan's List

Seeing all this activity, Gabrielle had so see her own paper come out of the printer and she wanted her bear, Robby, to be on it.
Gab N Robby

December 28, 2005



This is an outfit that Tammy's brother wore as an infant.

December 27, 2005


Recently I've been reading some very low-brow but highly entertaining books by Vince Flynn.

  • Term Limits

  • Transfer of Power

  • The Third Option

  • Separation of Power

  • Executive Power

  • Memorial Day

  • Consent To Kill

My normal MO when I find an author I like is to find everything he has written at the library and read it all, preferably in order written. I've done this with most the the action/adventure/thiller authors I've liked. Then I'm likely to read the titles over again with some regularity. At some point I need to try this program with the Bible. (Note to self...) Anyway, my latest interest is Vince Flynn. The hero, CIA assassin, Mitch Rapp is the perfect hero for the Walter Mitty in me. I guess I'll add a section on my links to the right regarding what I'm reading. I was given a copy of the Christian classic, Holy Living by Jeremy Taylor, for Christmas (thanks Ken) so that will be my next conquest after Vince Flynn.

December 24, 2005

Now Boys!

How is it Christmas Eve already

Linus How is it Christmas Eve already. Tammy was up a lot last night with Gabrielle and Cameron, so Cameron and I are playing a little this morning while she and the kids catch up on their rest. This little keyboard is always a sure thing to entertain Cameron (Linus) for a few minutes.

So much to do today! This is our first real Christmas as a blended family so we a doing "Christmas" with Grammy (Evelyn) & Ken (thanks to eHarmony) and Aunt Sissie. Tonight we'll go to church for Christmas Eve communion. (I don't know if it's just our church, but if you don't get to Christmas Eve Communion, there is no telling when you'll get it.) ;)

December 23, 2005

Eve of Christmas Eve

Gabrielle Sleeping The week has just been flying by. Tammy in a flurry of wrapping night after night, Gabrielle really sick and Cameron somewhat ill. Gabrielle became ill before our Christmas program last Sunday and has had a fever and cough all week. Our pediatric office says they have been seeing 150 kids a day with this. Fortunately, Cameron has only had the congestion and runny nose with limited fever. Still, this just makes his already marginal sleeping habits even worse. He had a 1.5 hour nap today in the car as I shipped out some last minute eBay sales. These Dec 23rd buyers have great faith in the post office.

Chandler Wrapping

Chandler went with Tammy this afternoon to pick a present for Cameron as well as presents for Grandpa Brown and Miss Lois (grandpa's wife), Grammy, Mr. Ken, and Aunt Bunni. Upon arriving home they found Cameron sleepingon my chest and Gabrielle sleeping as well. She just crawled up in the bed about 6:00pm and went to sleep. Chandler immediately went to dragging this piece of wrapping paper through the house like a cape looking for someone to help him wrap Cameron's present. He ended up doing it himself and did pretty well.

December 12, 2005

Baby Liam

Baby Liam
Photo by Amy B. Benson

Well it's past time to talk about the latest, greatest news in our family. Baby Liam Cooper Benson was born Nov. 23th to my sister Amy and her husband Dale and big sister Brooke and big brother Conner.

The "Cooper" part, of course, is the family name of our mom's side. Liam, on the other hand, is just a great name. :-)

By all accounts, Liam is doing great. Mother Amy on the other hand, now has three kids under the age of 4 so she's going to be tired!

December 2, 2005

All I got was this lousy shirt!

Well, first of all, let me say for the record that the shirt is not really lousy. It's actually very cool. Anyway, my brother-in-law John gave this to me (and one to my dad) at Thanksgiving. John is employed by Lockheed Martin and is involved in their Presidential Helicopter (Marine One) Program. He has been to the White House several times to work on the project but was just invited back to see the President arrive back on Marine One. Click here to see the photos.

The Shirt