February 28, 2008

Amy Balty

I don't think the feed to Amy Balty's blog is being fed through the Hobe Sound feed aggregator and I wanted to pass the link along.

Amy is dealing with a very scary health crisis right now (which has been detailed on her blog over the past few days starting with the Feb 23rd entry) and I know they need and appreciate the prayers of all their friends and others.



Mary Ellen said...

Hi William - Charlene and I did a post about Amy too - neither of us knew you had done one or each other. I just saw yours and hers on the alumni website after I had just posted one. Hopefully this will get even more people praying for her!

I tried to get Amy to put her blog on the site but she didn't feel that her blog was written well enough, I told her I disagreed. "-) Many times when I read her blog I feel like I just had my devotions, she is a pure sweetheart.