December 29, 2007

Cameron Sings and Plays

Well, just so you know, I love my new Flip Video! Easy to use, compact, excellent quality and your video editing software is on the camera's hard drive so you can just plug the camera into a USB port and go with it. You can also connect directly to your TV and watch there. (Available for $30 to $35 less than MSRP at Sam's Club and elsewhere.)

Of course the quality for Godtube or Youtube is going to be reduced sharply but it is still pretty good. For example, this clip was 100 megabytes on the camera and was reduced to about 11 megabytes to go online, of course the camera does that for you.

Direct Link


jenny said...

How well I relate to the dino phase of life...are those the Imaginext dinosaurs with the charming cave men?

Very clear video!!

w2wkb said...

Yes they are and actually we saw some great large animated dinosaurs at Discovery Place in Chalotte tonight.