January 19, 2008

News to me...

Charity Brown has an interesting post commenting on race issues in the south, and it reminded me of a funny incident that happened a few days ago as Tammy was doing some home school reading with the kids.

She was reading something to our kids (7 & 5) about Thomas Jefferson whick made reference to his slaves and I pointed out that these people were just like the black people that are part of our lives today. (I just wanted them to understand how real it was and that slaves weren't some exotically different group of people.)

Anyway Chandler (7) said with all seriousness, "I've never seen a black person." When I reminded him of a occasional playmate, I realized that the different skin color had never dawned on him.


Mary Ellen said...

Our kids are the same way and I love it!

They both have kids in their class that are African American or from one of the islands and when one of them was trying to describe who someone was to me one day they tried all kinds of other ways to describe them and finally said something about their skin is a little brown - they wouldn't even know what I meant if I described someone as being a "black person" since we try not to refer to people according to the color of their skin.

Great story.

JenLo said...

Eric was exactly the same way at that age. He would describe his black friend as the boy with the "whatever color" shirt.

laurie said...

That is such a great story.