September 9, 2008

Infant baptism

I found this post interesting. Our three were baptized in our Wesleyan Church (at our request) though I only realized later that it was the historic Wesleyan practice.

Infant baptism has been the practice of Christianity from about the time we voted in the Trinity to Luther, Calvin, and Wesley--yes, they all baptized infants.
I personally prefer infant baptism because it is the strongest way of saying "This child is holy. This child belongs to the people of God." And it does.


Stephen Ley said...

Amen to that! A lot of people forget that Wesley came out of the Church of England and as far as I can see his views on the sacraments stayed closer to Anglicanism, Lutheranism and classical Calvinism than what you see in most churches today that claim Wesley as their own. Like Ken Schenck alluded, those who would deny baptism to our infants have a steep hill to climb Biblically and historically.