January 23, 2009

But he's only been President for 3 days.

The other day Chandler was doing his obsessive questioning thing about all the things "we" thought Obama might do that we wouldn't agree with. Mainly to get back to whatever I was trying to do, I said something like, "Let's just forget about all the things we were worried he might do and just see what he actually does. That will be more fair to him."

Tonight Chandler read the CNN headline "Obama reverses abortion-funding policy" to Tammy and I and Tammy said, "Well, he has already done something bad."

Chandler responded, "But he's only been President for 3 days. He was doing pretty good for those first two days."


JenLo said...

He reminds me so much of how Eric used to get obsessive about stuff! It's how they learn, I guess.