June 21, 2007


I've been thinking a lot recently about my church (local and denomination) and contemplating whether there is anything unique or different that we bring to the table that would make it matter whether a sinner walks through our door or into the church down the street. I joke with a friend that we are "W.I.N.O.s" "Wesleyans In Name Only."

Anyway I just ran across this article that I will be printing and rereading regularly for a while because it hits so close to what is going on in the church today in many or most denominations, and specifically things that trouble me. It happens to specifically address the Wesleyan Church, but if you are of another variety, just stick that "label" in there and see if this doesn't convict a little.

The Church as Redemptive Agent, by Dr. Tom McCall

It just happens that Tom and I were Assistant Deans together in the Men's Dorm at H.S.B.C. in the early `90's. Needless to say, I'm extremely proud of what Tom has accomplished to this point in his life.


Kimberly said...

Thanks for sharing this..so proud as well! Still thinkin on Thompson..I had heard those "marks" against him, but those don't seem any worse than any of the other guys. He is bold and a great presence for sure..will take that to win, I think.

Mark O. Wilson said...

Tom did a fantastic job at the symposium. He made us think, and inspired us to greater heights. great paper. glad you posted it!

jenny said...

Hi William (and all),

My Jenny just introduced me to your blog. I'll be visiting again.

Thanks so much for reading the paper. I was trying to speak with honesty but without rancor, and I've been told that I took some risks in offering this paper. So I appreciate the encouragement!