June 24, 2007

Is that me?

My mom and her husband Ken are in town for a few days and our friend (and my business partner) Terri Russell kindly hosted a little get-together at her home for some church friends who have missed Mom since she moved to Tx.

I don't know who the gray-headed guy is with my family but I intend to find out. Also, you'll see Cameron sitting on the knee of our new pastor. All three kids have completely fallen for Pastor Randy and tonight as they were leaving, Cameron had actually climbed up in the vehicle to go home with them and was very upset to be eventually left behind.


maryellenhuff said...

Just think of it this way - grey hair means wisdom!

If that doesn't help you could always head for the bottle...of color that is. "-)

So glad you guys have found what you were looking for in a Senior pastor - our adventure begins tonight - finally here.