August 31, 2008

Sample questions that Obama might have for Sarah Palin?

From Rush...

This is just an inspired, inspired pick, and there's so many things that she could teach Barack Obama. For example, if they ever got together, here's some sample questions that Obama might have for Sarah Palin:

  • Governor, can you show me the proper and safe way to handle and fire a gun?
  • Governor, are all NRA members as pretty as you are?
  • Governor, is hunting scary? And when fishing, do you bait your own hooks?
  • Governor, when you found out that your baby would be born with Down syndrome, did you consider aborting it before or after the due date?


JenLo said...

That is really neat to do activities like that. Last year, Caroline's principal came in and made Stone Soup with the 5th grade class based on the book. She really loved it.