March 21, 2008

Only in the South??

Is it true that only in the South, can "Junior" be a given name? This obituary today takes that to a new level. See "Junior" as the given name of a "senior."

MOCKSVILLE - Ray Junior "Bugs" Brawley, Sr., age 76, of 619 Boxwood Church Road, Mocksville, died Sunday, March 16, 2008 at his residence.


tim said...

Thank-you for bringing this issue to the table.
I must, however, reject your caption. "only in the south" (note: I do not renounce you personally).
While I remember Mr. Tank "Bubba" Walker from his frequent skirmishes leading to newsworthy notices in the McCormick, SC Messenger, I have run into several names of similiar depth here in the northland. The name Boop is well respected in this community, along with other monikers that describe body organs and function that leave the listener stifling snickers. It certainly keeps our clergy on their toes during prayer request moments.