March 7, 2008

This is a practice for our church Easter Drama, "the Victor." Gabrielle play's Jarius' daughter, and Bob Brush is great as a healed lame man.

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Mary Ellen said...

OK, I'm watching a practice and people are wearing street clothes and when "Jesus" did the scene with your daughter it still gave me goose bumps!!! Your "Jesus" looks like the real deal.

Looks like you all will have an awesome production, tell your daughter she did a really great job. Will it be on the internet?

Where did you guys get the rocks in the background or what are they made out of? We need some for ours.

w2wkb said...

All that in the background is just painted. We have an artist named Janet Isenhour in our church who is just amazing. The "Jesus" guy is fantastic and one of our elders in the church. One year we had him actually give an invitation from the Ascension scene and it was amazing. I'll post some more from the dress rehearsal.

Mary Ellen said...

Just amazing is right - impressive.

Will the live production be webcast or anything?

JenLo said...

Wow! I can't believe how still she lays! Looks like it is going to be great!