March 29, 2008

The Victor (Updated)

I am reposting this because I finally got footage of one of my favorite Victor scenes where Jesus forgives the woman caught in adultery. Janelle (Beaver) Safrit does such a great job.

"The Victor" is an Easter drama that our church has performed for several years. We have extended and modified it to suit our situation and it has become a very effective ministry for our church. I'm guessing here, but I would say that approximately 1700 to 1800 people see it over 4 nights and our Sunday morning attendance runs 250 to 275.

Here are several scenes as performed March 21, 2008. If you click through on the link you will see the video directly on the Godtube Site in a larger format.

The Adulterous Woman Forgiven

Direct Link

Scene 1 is introductory: The Marketplace:

Direct Link

Scene 2 depicts the Triumphal Entry:

Direct Link

Scene 3 depicts the Children coming to Jesus

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Scene 4 depicts Pilate's Hall

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Scene 5 depicts the Crucifixion

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Mary Ellen said...

I enjoyed watching your videos. Your church did an excellent job - I really liked Janelle's voice! I had to smile at Jesus, and the others, southern drawls....that's a new one for me. You guys obviously put a tremendous amount of work into it and it really shows. I'm so glad you shared those.

w2wkb said...

Actually, whatever accents you heard were nothing compared to the guy who played Caiaphas the High Priest. He sounded so southern it was almost distracting. I had a long dialogue with him. It's funny, he and his wife are huge "Gone with the Wind" fans and their teenage daughters are name Scarlet and Tara.