July 6, 2008


I wanted to publicly express an apology for an ill-advised post from June of last year.

Without reiterating the details, I related a story from my days in the men's dorm at HSBC from the early `90's that involved Stanislas Goutier and Jason Miller.

Stanislas contacted me today and asked that I remove the post. He remembered the event I related differently than I did and after all this time I don't want to substitute my vague memory for his. I just wanted to apologize for any embarrassment I may caused Stanislas (especially if I didn't relate the anecdote accurately) and remind myself of some childhood teaching that if a thing is not funny to everyone involved, it might not have been so funny after all.

On another note, Stanislas has/is serving our country as a military chaplain including overseas deployment. For that, Stanislas, I'm proud of you and you have my gratitude.

PS: Stanislas, if you read this feel free to contact me again. If I had your email or phone number, I would welcome the opportunity to apologize personally.