July 24, 2008

Stopped by Greenville, SC

On our way home from Louisiana, I took a brief detour through my former hometown of Greenville, SC. I pulled up to the house we used to live in (approximately from 1st grade to 6th grade for me) and intended to just look from the street for a moment, when the mom of the house came out. I introduced myself and she insisted that we all unload and come through for a tour. The house was lovely and she literally showed us every room. It was especially neat because they are believers as well as fellow home schoolers.

This is the view from the street with the kitchen entrance on the right and the living room entrance on the left.

This is the attic bedroom that was lived in at different by Dennis Parnell and Harry Brown when they attended Bob Jones and then later by me. Now it is a great reading area with tons of books.

They were doing some construction on this great play thing in the back yard.

This is the rental property next door. At one point when we were in Greenville, Leon and Donita Brush lived here.

This was the former Beaver residence on Princeton. Three doors down from the former Estes estate. Terri says she couldn't get grass to grow under this tree either. (I think I also located the former Butch and Arlene Heath house but didn't get a picture.)

The old Bob Jones Elementary. I was standing on this sidewalk in the car pickup line when I heard that President Reagan had been shot.

Including this shot for Jennifer.


JenLo said...

Those are AWESOME! I have been thinking about that house lately for some weird reason. Thanks for the pics!

Phil Estes said...

Wow.. I don't know if I ever remember seeing the front of your house! I definitely remember that lower area to the side and behind it. We stopped by 119 Princeton recently.. ok, like 6-7 years ago.. and took a picture for old times sake on a trip through Greenville.

Mary Ellen said...

That swing set/jungle gym thing is SO cool! Fun to see all those pictures, I've been to some of those places myself. I'm sure you were glad to see your old house was being so well taken care of. I guess that lady will let just anyone in her door huh? "-)