July 26, 2008

We've had a lot of rain off and on so the Square Foot Garden exploded while we were in Louisiana and has continued since we've been home.

Tomatoes- Romas in the front of the picture and taller grape tomatoes and Parks Whoppers in the back of the same square.

Dwarf Pumpkins in front with bush beans crowding in from behind.

On the trellis the Cucumbers are on the left and Cantaloupe on the right.

Hanging out the front of the corn square are the Big Max and Jack O` Lantern pumpkins.


Debbie said...

Hey William, your green thumb has had my attention since day one. And that garden of yours looks prettier by the min. Hope you don’t mind me calling your garden pretty.

Sure wish I had some nice fresh tomatoes in my garden. Oh right, I don't have a garden.

w2wkb said...

I never dreamed how many tomatoes we would have but I would guess that we have 100 or more right now on the 6 plants together that aren't ripe yet.

JenLo said...

That looks so awesome! What was the name of the book you used to get your directions?

Debbie said...

Oh William, That's AMAZING!!! Do you guys like fried green tomaters? Man I could go for some of those right about now!

Nice garden William.