August 25, 2007

Goodbye, Myspace.

I'm dumping my MySpace account. I've been getting increasingly annoyed with all the sexual spam/friend requests I'm hit with every time I log-in as well as all the other ads, etc.

I had heard of Facebook, which was originally a students only networking site but has now been opened so anyone can use it. I was reintroduced to Facebook recently by these posts on the blog.

The Facebook interface is so clean & simple and whatever is going on with your contacts is fed to you rather than you having to go to everyone's profiles. (No more of these crazy pages that won't fit on your screen or that have text too dark to read. Am I getting old?) Anyway, I'm giving it a couple days so my MySpace friends will hear where I went. Later.


JenLo said...

I hear ya! The only reason I am keeping my account is because of a book review I'm doing (coming soon to a blog near you) called Logged On and Tuned Out talking about the need for parents to monitor the social networking sites. As I have a kid entering middle school, the time will be near that he'll be asking for one probably.

Kimberly said...

I've been hearing about Facebook...never have been impressed w/Myspace..maybe you can let us know what the advantages are..and another people blog on facebook or mainly just interact? I know all the kids are using it, but I'm hesitant to sign in to something else!
Good "Beyound Boundaries" article!