August 3, 2007

To all my blogging friends...

I enjoy reading all your blogs and my list of blogging friends has grown to the point that the only way I can keep track is by using the Google Reader.

Herein lies the rub. There are a few of you, such as you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you and you, who do not have the RSS feed enabled on your blog which means that your devoted readers have to remember to actually visit your site since your posts do not magically in our blog readers.

If you have any question about manage this small change to your blog settings please email me at w2wkb at yahoo dot com and I'll be happy to advise.


JenLo said...

I usually check bloglines, then I check my yahoo 360 home page once a day to catch everybody. I didn't know the 360 pages could have rss.

Debbie said...

William, I enjoy keeping up with you and your beautiful family too. I guess I'm behind the blogging times as I see I'm "one" of those “you's” that you pointed.

Problem is, I'm in a state of confusion. Tee hee! I'll be happy to conform but I do need some guidance. I will work diligently to get this done as soon as I'm brought up to speed if the offer still stands.

w2wkb said...

Here are the directions if you use Yahoo 360.
When you are logged into your Yahoo 360,
1. click on "settings" which appears on the right hand side of the row of options near the top of the page.
2. to the left click on "Blog Settings"
3.Scroll down in the blog settings to the area called "Who can see your blog" near the bottom of the page.
4. Check the box under "Publish site feed."
5. save and you're done.

allana said...

William...I changed my settings. Thanks for posting the directions! I didn't realize what those setting meant.

Truckin Teeds said...

i didn't want you to miss out on all our FABULOUS blog entries, so i had to check out all your links to be sure i wasn't one of THOSE people! (whew)