April 9, 2008

Craig Groeschel

I've really become so impressed with Craig Groeschel. If you don't have his blog plugged into your favorite feed reader, you need to. Here are some samples from a "Ten Questions" series this week.

During this series, we’ll look at ten questions each leader should ask in several different areas of life.

Today we’ll examine some questions that surround our Relationship with Christ.

1. What did I learn in God’s word this week?
2. Is my burden for prayer growing or diminishing?
3. Does my heart break for the things that break the heart of God?
4. Have I grown accustomed to or accepted sin in my life?
5. Am I doing ministry out of an overflow of God’s work in my heart or out of my own strength?
6. Has my teaching and ministry deepened, changed, or evolved in a positive way in the last year?
7. Do I have a sincere peace that I’m living an authentic life of spiritual integrity?
8. Is my heart growing larger for people and God or is it shrinking?
9. Am I closer to God today than I was a year ago?
10. Do others comment that they can clearly see evidence of God’s work in my life?

Which of these resonate with you? What else would you ask?

  1. Is our vision so big that we obviously can’t accomplish it without God?
  2. Am I doing ministry from memory or from fresh direction from God?
  3. What ministry (or program or meeting) has lost its effectiveness and should be stopped?
  4. Is there a person who needs to be moved to another role (or removed), and I haven’t done it?
  5. What faith risk is God calling me to take?
  6. Have I repented to my team at least once in the last year for a failure in leadership?
  7. Have I done everything in my power to make sure my team is living without unconfessed sin?
  8. Am I expressing love and care for my team members’ families?
  9. Am I living with delayed obedience toward God in any area of leadership?
  10. If Jesus my sole motivation for ministry or has my motivation become clouded?
  1. In what area of life have I lost my passion? (What can I do to get it back?)
  2. If the enemy were going to “take me out,” what are my three most vulnerable points?
  3. What new burden has God given me in the last year?
  4. What have I unlearned that has made me closer to God?
  5. What new discipline is God calling me to do?
  6. What has God asked me to do that I haven’t yet done?
  7. Is there something that I think about more than I think about pleasing God? (Money, possessions, ministry, family, recreation, something else.)
  8. Do I have an increasing joy in serving Christ?
  9. Am I handling the pain of ministry with integrity?
  10. Am I still being persecuted for my faith in Christ?
  1. Am I closer to my spouse today than I was a year ago?
  2. Have I read God’s word with my family this week?
  3. Have I prayed with each member of my family this week?
  4. Do my children know they come before the people in the church?
  5. Are my children joyfully experiencing Christ at church or do they resent the church?
  6. Does my spouse feel close to me spiritually?
  7. If my spouse could have me change one thing about me, what would it be? (Why haven’t I changed in this way? What am I going to do about it?)
  8. Are we honoring the Sabbath as a family?
  9. Do my wife and kids enjoy being around me?
  10. Can my family clearly articulate our family values and vision?

Then these three posts on Brokenness:

  1. You will be Broken!
  2. Am I Broken Yet?
  3. The Blessings of Brokenness.


Mary Ellen said...

Wow, that's a lot to think about! Good stuff for not just ministers but all us ordinary folks too.

jenny said...

These are really great...I'm very thankful you shared and will have to check out his blog as well.