April 2, 2008

Rev. Wright: Big Oil Attacked Because It's Black

Did I tell you I love Scrappleface?!?!?!:

(2008-04-02) — The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, retired pastor to Sen. Barack Obama, said today that politicians “are getting after Big Oil because it’s black,” noting that “you don’t hear nobody talking smack like that on Big Milk.”

The Rev. Wright said he came out of seclusion to make the remarks out of concern that substantive presidential campaign issues like energy policy might push discussion of America’s racial divisions out of the headlines.

“Milk now costs an average of $3.70 per gallon,” said the Rev. Wright, “while gasoline is still less than $3.30 at the pump, and yet oil gets blamed for all our problems, from global warming to the war in Iraq. People say it’s slimy, dirty, toxic…but you don’t hear them dissin’ milk like that.”

The former pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago asked rhetorically, “Why don’t we see posters of Brooke Shields or Mariska Hargitay sporting an oil mustache? I rest my case.”


Mary Ellen said...

OH MY WORD - is he serious!?!?!?! Come on!!! Good thing I wasn't in the crowd, I don't think I could have kept from howling with laughter for anything, that one takes the cake.

Oh, and before I forget, let me say Denali, Denali, Denali, Denali....

w2wkb said...

You must read several other posts at Scrappleface.com. It is a hilarious satire site written by a Christian guy who operates a children's camp in PA.

Jamie said...

I'm with Mary Ellen - that one takes the cake! I've heard alot of his outrageous comments, but I missed that one! Too funny!

Mary Ellen said...

I'll check him out!