April 11, 2008

I feel old...

Gabrilicious and I went to hear the HSBC Chapel Choir last night in Lexington, NC. I think this may be the best Hobe Sound choir I recall hearing. (excepting the ones I was in :)) It didn't hurt that the venue was a community theatre that probably had above average acoustics.

Nevertheless, having college students in the choir whose parents are barely older than me is a little disconcerting.

No sooner than we were in the car, Gabrielle (5) (who has a memory like an elephant and an eye for details) was recounting for me everything she noticed:

  1. hair wore in buns (don't see too many of those at Trinity Wesleyan) In fairness to the young ladies, that is probably not an accurate descriptor of the current hairstyles so she may have been referring more to the audience.
  2. the color of the ladies outfits (I forget)
  3. the number of buttons on the ladies outfits (1)
  4. the fact that there were more girls than guys.
This gives you a little insight into the mind of Gabrielle. She loves noticing and recounting. The recounting is typically done by whispering in your ear whether it is a secret or not.


Mary Ellen said...

Rick and I often talk about how the college kids just keep looking younger and younger. It's so weird to see kids in the choir/college whose parents are my age, or know that Carla is going to be a Grandma in a few months. I don't feel older but I know I am...especially with 40 just a few months away! We are looking forward to hearing their tour performance when they return.

JenLo said...

That is really funny about all the details she noticed!

jenny said...

I got very tickled by her observations as well...and I think I have a little girl growing up in a similar fascination with details.